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Mike Radentz

Antidote Studio
Audio Specialist
Mike Radentz (‘RAY-dents) started his career in 1983 as an office assistant with Clayton Studios and started solo engineering sessions by early 1984. In 1987, he took up residence in the famed Technisonic Studios’ “Studio A” as a Senior Audio Engineer and stayed with the company through many changes until it ceased business operations in 2010. Mike currently serves as Audio Specialist for the highly respected creative production powerhouse, Antidote Studio. He’s designed and managed their audio studio in two locations, re-building after Antidote Studio relocated and significantly upgraded their facility in 2017.  
Mike's main interest is in sound design. “Sound is the ribbon on the package.” Mike likes to say. “It ties everything together. Sound and music are the “back door” to the mind. However, if I’ve done a good job, you’ll never know I’ve actually worked on it.” Mike is constantly improving skills and is presently working towards professional proficiency in the area of traditional Music Theory, although he’ll always be just a “wanker” on guitar.  
Mike has created original sound effects for several internationally known toy and video game manufacturers and entire soundtracks for internationally renowned entertainment, theatrical, advertising, corporate, and institutional clients. He has also composed and produced original music for several advertising & gaming clients. Many of the projects he has worked on have been nominated for or won CLIO, ADDY, EMMY, Kevin Klein, The ONE Show, Mercury, Peabody, and Marconi awards. Mike has been personally honored with several ADDY, EMMY & Kevin Kline awards for excellence in Sound Design and Music.  
Mike's experience in the industry is highly diverse. He has worked on projects including on-set location mixing, tracking & mixing musical artists, ADR, functional and creative sound design for post-production, forensic audio analysis for law enforcement agencies, and musical composition. Many of his projects have been broadcast during major events like The Super Bowl, The WKC Dog Show, Presidential Debates, and others. Mike’s work is truly international in scope.  
Mike is a member of several national industry standards and practices associations: The Audio Engineering Society (AES), The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS), The Acoustical Society of America (ASA), and The American Advertising Federation (AAF).