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Jason Carter

Lifelong learner, risk-taker, leader, and mischief-maker. Founder/President of a company that Prioritizes People, Celebrates Uncommon Genius, and Cultivates Beauty in our communities. Founder/Board President of a non-profit that provides non-traditional career paths in cybersecurity for those who deserve a chance, and of a foundation that supports other worthy organizations. I serve on numerous other boards of various flavors; if I believe in the cause, I find it difficult to say ‘no’.
Personally, I'm the husband of one, a father of five, and an elder in my church. Some guy in a robe told me that when I die, I will experience total enlightenment, so I've got that going for me. Which is nice.
I'm a former Navy officer and have sailed across every line of longitude on God's green earth on either a submarine or an aircraft carrier. I love all people, my community, solving complex problems, and telling sea stories—like every sailor’s yarns, they get better each time I tell them, and have the merit of being partially true. Audacity is my fallback virtue. Let’s have coffee or bourbon and swap stories.